IAS Academy in Chennai. You know WHY..?
We don't invest big in online and offline marketing campaigns to callourselves No. 1.
We deliver quality,Our old students vouch us.
We don't claim false results. In 2018 IAS Exam Results - only 35 passed from TN . But the numbers claimed by others in Chennai 120+, 100+, 50+, etc..
We claim our own legitimate results and hence we do not inflate numbers.
Our institute is not funded by black money or any type of Illicit financial flows.
We are not involved in internal round tripping of black money to white money. We have invested our hard earned money only.
Our institute is not run by working IAS officers or any other government officers.
Our honesty and integrity are unquestionable. CCS (conduct) rules 1964,Rule 15 PROHIBITS IAS officers from engaging in private trade.This is also a kind of corruption.
We don't advertise that "When an IAS Officer is teaching,Success is guaranteed".
Probably only TN has India's only IAS Academy run by IAS OFFICERS.But results of TN is in highly declining trend in the last 4 years, only after IAS OFFICERS started teaching(?). Very drastic reduction from almost 10-12% share to meager 4%. POINT TO BE NOTED.
We don't target mere syllabus coverage and treat students like machines listening to audio-visual.
We treat students as conscious human beings and focus on the development of their skill sets.
We don't conduct Free Mock Tests and Free Mock Interview to collect Hall Tickets of students and claim bogus results without any fruitful efforts.
Our claims are highly genuine.
Our batch size is not crowded by hundreds of students.
Our batch size is only 40. Faculty - Student ratio is 1:40 only.