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Equatorial Indian Ocean Monsoon Oscillation (EQUINOO) - IISc Scientists Explain Dry to Wet Transition of Monsoon This Year

Post by Admin,Sep 11,2019.

Recently, the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bengluru has released a study about Equatorial Indian Ocean Oscillation (EQUINOO) and its effects over Indian Summer Monsoon.

  • Positive phase of Equatorial Indian Ocean Oscillation (EQUINOO) is favourable to the Indian summer monsoon.
  • Summer monsoon of 2019 picked up steam despite a delayed start due to increased cloud formation which is a feature of a positive phase of EQUINOO.


  • It is an oscillation between enhanced cloud formation and rainfall over the Western Equatorial Indian Ocean (WEIO) and suppressed clouding over the Eastern Equatorial Indian Ocean (EEIO), west of Sumatra.
  • A positive EQUINOO phase is when the surface sea temperature in WEIO is above 27.5 degree Celsius leading to enhanced clouding, which is then suppressed in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean.
  • Positive phase of the ‘Equatorial Indian Ocean Oscillation (EQUINOO)
    • Enhanced cloud formation and rainfall in western part of the equatorial ocean near the African coast, whereas this activity is suppressed near Sumatra.
    • This phase produces good rains over India.